Conversation 1

Conversation 2

Conversation 3

Conversation 4

Conversation 1

Beth: So did you call Pete about confirming the delivery?

Tracy: You mean the date of the delivery?

Beth: Yes. And then you need to enter the delivery date into the spreadsheet.

Here. See what I mean?

Tracy: Oh yeah, thanks.

Beth: I forgot to do that last month and the boss went crazy!

Tracy: What do you mean?

Beth: She was really angry. She was shouting at me and screaming, you know. She was horrible to me.

Tracy: Well, a silly mistake can cost a company lots of money.

Beth: What are you saying?

Tracy: Nothing. What I’m trying to say is you made a little mistake, but it meant the company lost money. That’s why the boss was really angry.

Conversation 2

Alan: Mr Smith, can you help me with this new software?

Mr Smith: Yeah, of course. Just click on the blue button to start. Then go into the main menu and select ‘register’. Does that make sense?

Alan: OK, I click on the blue button, select ‘register’ and then it starts. Is that right?

Mr Smith: No, sorry. Let me start again. Click the blue button to start, go into the main menu and then select register.

Alan: OK, got it! Thanks.

Conversation 3

Kate: It’s really difficult to find a good student flat, isn’t it? It makes me feel so stressed. Know what I mean?

Rachel: Yes, I do. It is stressful.

Kate: That’s why I’m thinking about living at home next year.

Rachel: What are you saying? We agreed to get a flat together.

Kate: I know, but I’m not sure. What I mean is I’d prefer to live with my family and concentrate on my studies.

Conversation 4

Frank: Look at how much revision I have to do for the exams next week! It’s impossible.

Paula: It’s not impossible. You need to plan your week. That’s all.

Frank: What do you mean?

Paula: Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of revision, but you just need to make a study diary and have a goals chart.

Frank: Sorry, I don’t get you.

Paula: Look at mine. This is a study diary. So tomorrow is Tuesday – I’m going to revise Geography and English. It’s like you make an appointment.

Frank: Oh, I see. Great idea!