Lesson 6

Part 1

Words 1:

favorite 가장 좋아하는
like 좋아하다
go camping 캠핑을 가다
subject 과목
action movie 액션 영화
season 계절
concert 콘서트
art 미술

Practice 1:


A: What is your favorite toy?

B: My favorite toy is my robot.


A: Do you like to go camping?

B: Yes, camping is fun.


A: What subject do you like best?

B: I like music best. I want to be a music teacher.


A: Which movie would you like to watch?

B: How about an action movie?

Part 2

Words 2:

by bus 버스로
by subway 지하철로
usually 보통
ride a bike 자전거를 타다
take a train 기차를 타다
take a boat 배를 타다
by taxi [car/airplane/boat] 택시[자동차/비행기/배]로
on foot 걸어서
take a subway 전철을 타다
walk 걷다
It takes… (시간이) 걸리다

Practice 2:


A: How do you go to school?

B: I go to school by bus.


A: How can we get to the mall?

B: We can go there by subway.


A: Do you go to the park by bus?

B: No, I usually ride my bike to the park.


A: Will you take a train to the farm?

B: No, I won’t. I’ll take a boat.

Part 3

Words 3:

do ~을 하다
after school 방과 후에
go shopping 쇼핑을 가다
visit 방문하다
busy 바쁜
do one’s homework ~의 숙제를 하다
buy 사다
try on 입어 보다
go on a picnic 소풍 가다
take care of ~을 돌보다
walk a dog 개를 산책시키다
go to the hospital 병원에 가다

Practice 3:


A: What will you do after school?

B: I’ll go shopping.


A: What are you going to do this Sunday?

B: I’m going to visit my uncle.


A: Will you go to the party?

B: No, I’m busy. I have to do my homework.


A: Are you going to buy the jacket?

B: Yes, I like the style. Can I try it on?