1. In the Zoo

Many animals live in the zoo. The tiger smells hot dogs. The tiger is hungry. The elephant scratches his back, elephant scratches with his trunk. The monkey has a long tail. The monkey swings in the tree. The camel carries a boy. The camel walks in a circle. The penguin sleeps with his friends.

2. In the Forest

The frog has long legs. The frog jumps into the pond. The spider lives in the tree. The spider climbs up the tree. The deer watches the spider climb. The deer likes the pretty spider. The magpie flies to the nest. The eggs are in the nest. The bear is angry. The bear growls at the friend.

3. In the Ocean

The whale plays in the ocean. The whale plays with its friend. The fish is brown. The fish swims on the bottom of the ocean. The hungry crab eats seaweed. The crab eats quickly. The octopus is shy. The octopus crawls into the dark cave. The small snail moves slowly. The snail follows its mother home.


There are many pets in our house. Our parrot has many colors. The parrot sings a song. The bad dog eats cookies. The mouse runs in a circle. My orange toy tiger sits on my desk. I love my tiger.