8. The Pond


  • What lives in a pond?
  • Where can you see a pond?

The Pond

Picture Talk: 
What is the frog doing?
What is it sitting on?

A frog is alone by the pond.
A fly flies over the frog.
A fish jumps out of the water. It wants to eat the fly.
A bird flies down to eat the fish.
The bird hits the water. It makes a big splash.
The frog is scared.
It jumps into the water. It swims away.
Soon the frog is sitting alone again.

Do it

Look at the reading. Draw lines to show the order.

Practice It

Which animal does it? Write the letter.

1. _______ jumps into
2. ______ jumps out of
3. _______ flies over
4. _______ flies down

Listen for it

Which word do you hear? Circle it.

1. Help your sister get (into / out of) the water.
2. It is hot. Let’s (jump / splash) in the pond.
3. The bird is (flying / hitting) into the water.
4. My cat (sits on / eats) bugs.

Write the word that matches the picture.

1. The fish __________________ of the water.
2. She is not _________________ the bug.
3. The bird __________________to the water.


  • flies down
  • scared of
  • jumps out

Chant, Chant Chant!

Jump, jump, splash.
Let’s jump into the pond.
Jump, jump, splash!
Let’s do it again.
Swim, swim, splash.
Let’s swim in the pond.
Swim, swim, splash.
Let’s do it again!