We use as … as to say that people or things are the same. We use not as…as to say that people or things are not the same.

We can use an adjective, adverb, or quantifier with (not) as … as.

Adjective: That car isn’t as expensive as this car.

Adverb: Jack eats as quickly as Susan.

Quantifier: Our company doesn’t have as many complaints as other companies.

Many idioms in English use as … as with an adjective.

She was as mad as a hornet.

  • Considering that most books focus on using (not) as … as with adjectives, the following questions have been designed to elicit this structure with adjectives.*

As … as questions

  1. Are your parents as supportive as your friends?
  2. Are the Rolling Stones as well known as the Beatles?
  3. Are puzzles as fun as crosswords?
  4. Is modern art as beautiful as classical art?
  5. Is watching a play as fun as watching a movie?
  6. Are cats as fun as dogs?
  7. What’s as thrilling as a roller coaster ride?
  8. What’s as delicious as fresh baked cookies?
  9. Who is as important as the president of the United States?
  10. What travel destinations are as popular as Rome?

Fill in the (____) with your own idea:

  1. Is (city) as entertaining as (city)?
  2. Is (fast food restaurant) as good as (fast food restaurant)?
  3. Is (actor) as talented as (actor)?
  4. Is the (cell phone) as good as the (cell phone)?
  5. Is (mode of transportation) as comfortable as (mode of transportation)?
  6. Are (animals) as cute as (animals)?
  7. Is (celebrity) as strange as (celebrity)?