Here is the village toy shop. The Movers are shopping for their favorite toys. There are lots of different toys for everyone – fat teddy bears, funny comic books. Pretty Polly, the naughty parrot, is eating the pirate’s beard. ‘Get off shouts the surprised pirate. Come on in. Come inside and have a good look around.


  1. Who is in the picture?
    There is a [
  2. Where is the [__person__]?
    __person__] is [__on/next to/under__] the [__object__].
  3. What is the [__person__] wearing?
    __person__] is wearing [__clothes__].
  4. What is the [__person__] doing?
    __person__] is [__activity__].


    1. What is in the picture?
      There is a [__object 1__].
    2. What color is the [__object 1__]?
      The [__object 1__] is [__color__].
    3. Where is the [__object 1__]?
      The [__object 1__] is [__next to/under/on__] the [__object 2__].

Let’s Talk:

  1. What will you look for today in the toy shop? Why?
  2. How often do you go into a toy shop? What’s its name?
  3. Do you prefer the tall clown or the small clown?
  4. Who would you like to take with you to the toy shop?


Step 1:

Step 2: