1. What clothes do you see?
    There is a [_cloth_].  / There are [_clothes_]. 
  2. What color is the [_cloth_]? / What color are the [_clothes_]?
    The [_animal_] is [_color_]. / The [_animals_] are [_color_].
  3. Where is the [_cloth_]? / Where are the [_clothes_]?
    The [_cloth_] is [_next to/under/on_] the [_object / cloth_]. / The [_clothes_] are [_next to/under/on_] the [_object / clothes_].


  1. Who is in the picture?
    There is a [
  2. Where is the [_person_]?
    _person_] is [_on/next to/under_] the [_object_].
  3. What is the [_person_] wearing?
    _person_] is wearing [_color+cloth_] and [_color+coth_].


Step 1:

Step 2: