1. Do you know how scientists clone animals? What is the process?
  2. Do you think scientists should be allowed to clone people?
  3. Would you want to have a clone of yourself?
  4. What problems could cloning people solve?
  5. Could cloning people lead to problems? What kinds of problems?
  6. If we could clone dinosaurs and bring them back to life, would you want to?
  7. How about cloning ancient humans, like Neanderthals or the early Homo sapiens? Would you want to clone ancient humans?
  8. Should we clone famous people like Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci? Do you think they would be as successful if they were brought back as clones?
  9. How can cloning animals help science?
  10. What do you think cloning will be like in the future? Will cloning stop or expand?