For all conditional sentences there are two parts, the conditional clause (‘if’ clause) and the consequence clause (main clause).

The future real conditional / conditional real with the future / first conditional is formed with if + present simple for the conditional clause and the simple future will + verb for the consequence clause.

Will is most commonly used in the consequence clause. But going to, must, should, or an imperative can be used instead of will.

If I finish my homework, my teacher will be happy.

If I finish my homework (conditional clause / if clause),

my teacher will be happy (consequence clause / main clause).

The first conditional is used when talking about something that may happen in the future.

The consequence clause is a realistic and possible outcome of the conditional clause. It is a ‘real’ possibility.

If you exercise, you’ll be healthier.

If he doesn’t study, he’ll never pass the test.

The conditional clause can come first or second in a conditional sentence. If the conditional clause is first, a comma usually is put between the consequence and conditional clause. A comma usually isn’t needed when the consequence clause is first.

My teacher will be happy if I finish my homework.

If I finish my homework, my teacher will be happy.

Conditionals real with the future questions

  1. What will you do if someone talks loudly in a movie theater while you’re watching a movie?
  2. What will you do if you drop your phone in the toilet?
  3. If you go out for dinner this evening, what will you eat?
  4. What will you do if the power goes out in your home tonight?
  5. What will you do if you forget an important birthday?
  6. If your friend asks you to go out tomorrow evening, what will you say?
  7. What will you do if you crack the screen on your phone?
  8. What will you do if you get a raise at work or graduate from university?
  9. If it rains this weekend, what will you do?
  10. Who will you eat with if you go out to dinner this week?
  11. Where will you go if you get an unexpected day off?
  12. If you meet a celebrity you admire, what will you do?
  13. What will countries do if the sea level keeps rising?
  14. What will happen if there is another financial crisis?
  15. If you need relationship advice, who will you call?
  16. What will happen if the European Union splits up?
  17. If humans start mining asteroids, what will happen?