Lesson 5

Part 1

Words 1:

fast 빠른
tall 키가 큰
new 새 것의
high 높은
full of ~으로 가득 찬
noisy 시끄러운
slow 느린
short 짧은
old 낡은
low 낮은

Practice 1:

1) The boy is fast.

2) The girl is tall.

3) The camera is new.

4) The mountain is high.

5) The jar is full of candies.

6) The music is noisy.

Part 2

Words 2:

calm 조용한
sleepy 졸린
tired 피곤한
thirsty 목이 마른
excited 신이 난
sad 슬픈
sick 아픈
worried 걱정되는
angry 화가 난
hungry 배가 고픈
happy 행복한
disappointed 실망한

Practice 2:

1) The girl is sleepy.

2) The boy is tired.

3) The woman is thirsty.

4) The girl is excited.

5) The boy is sad.

6) The man looks sick.

Part 3

Words 3:

in ~안에
on (over) ~위에
under ~밑에
behind ~뒤에
next to ~옆에
in front of ~앞에
between ~사이에

Practice 3:

1) The boy is in the classroom.

2) The girl is on the sofa.

3) The dog is under the chair.

4) The tree is behind the bench.

5) The shop is next to the hospital.

6) The plane is over the cloud.