1. How is massage viewed in your country? How common is it?
  2. How are masseuses and masseurs viewed in your country? Are they well respected?
  3. Does your country have a long history of massages or is massage somewhat new to your country?
  4. What types of massage are popular in your country?
  5. When was the last time you got a professional massage? How about a nonprofessional massage?
  6. Are massage chairs popular in your country?
  7. Have you tried many different types of massage?
  8. Have you ever used a massage chair or some other massage device? How was it?
  9. Some massage chairs cost thousands of dollars. Do you think expensive massage chairs are worth the price?
  10. Can a massage chair ever be as good as a human masseuse or masseur? What are the pros and cons of a massage chair versus a human masseuse or masseur?
  11. What do you think the future of massage will be?