Natural Wonders

  1. What are the three most famous natural wonders in your country?
  2. What natural wonders are in danger from climate change?
  3. Should humans try to protect natural wonders? If humans protect natural wonders, are the wonders still natural?
  4. Have you ever been to a natural wonder?
  5. What makes something a natural “wonder”?
  6. What are three natural wonders you would like to see before you die?
  7. Should people be allowed to visit a natural wonder if the visitors hurt the natural wonder just by visiting it?
  8. Do natural phenomena (i.e., the aurora borealis) count as natural wonders? How about things like thunderstorms?
  9. Are natural disasters like volcanoes and earthquakes also natural wonders?
  10. How many countries with natural wonders can you name? Which country do you think has the most natural wonders?
  11. Would you rather visit natural wonders or manmade wonders?