We form the present perfect continuous with have / has been + verb -ing.

We use the present perfect continuous to:

Talk about the duration of an action that was started in the past and is still happening now. Often “for” or “since” are used.

This company has been making furniture since 1952. (The company is still making furniture.)

I have been feeling sick all day. (I still feel sick.)

Talk about an action that was started in the past and just recently finished.

She has been working all day but she finally finished.

I have been reading this book for three hours; I should take a break.

Talk about a series of repeated actions happening from the past to the present.

John has been checking his mail box every hour or so.

We have been playing soccer here every Saturday for three years.

Present perfect continuous questions

  1. What’s a project you’ve been working on for a while?
  2. Have you been eating healthy or unhealthy food recently?
  3. What have you been doing to improve yourself this year?
  4. What music have you been listening to recently?
  5. Who have you been hanging out with a lot this month and last month?
  6. Where have you been going a lot this month?
  7. How long have you been attending this school?
  8. Have you been exercising this month and last month?
  9. What have you been doing in your spare time this week?
  10. What sports teams have you been following recently?
  11. Have you been trying anything new recently?
  12. Who have you been talking with the last few days?
  13. Where have you been going a lot in the past couple of weeks?
  14. Have you been getting enough sleep?
  15. What game have you been playing a lot recently?
  16. Are there any news stories you’ve been following?
  17. What have you been thinking about buying?