Quantifiers are used to give information about quantity (how much or how many).

You can use a noun after a quantifier when you are talking about things in a group in general.

Most restaurants are clean.

Many fish contain mercury.

To talk about a specific group use ‘of the’.

Most of the restaurants in this neighborhood are clean.

Many of the fish in this lake contain mercury.

These quantifiers can be used with count or noncount nouns.

  • all
  • any
  • enough
  • less
  • a lot of
  • lots of
  • more
  • most
  • no / none
  • none of
  • some

These quantifiers can only be used with count nouns.

  • many
  • both
  • each
  • either
  • (a) few
  • fewer
  • neither
  • several
  • a large number of
  • a great number of
  • a couple of

These quantifiers can only be used with noncount nouns.

  • a little
  • (not) much
  • a bit of
  • a great deal of
  • a large amount of
  • a large quantity of

Quantifier questions

  1. How much fruit do you eat in a week?
  2. How many times do you go to the movies in a month?
  3. How many phone calls have you made this week?
  4. How much of a pizza do you eat during one meal?
  5. How many games have you downloaded on your phone?
  6. Do any members of your family smoke? How many cigarettes do they smoke in a day?
  7. How many songs do you have on your phone?
  8. How many DVDs do you have at home? How about VHS tapes?
  9. How many vinyl records do you have at home?
  10. How much time do you spend on your phone every day?
  11. How much water do you drink in a day?
  12. How much money do you spend on going out to eat every week?
  13. How much soda do you drink in a week?
  14. How many pets have you owned?
  15. How many hours do you spend playing games every week?
  16. How much money do you spend on vacations every year?
  17. How much foreign food do you eat?