The simple present is formed with the base form of the main verb. However, an agreement ‘s’ (He works. / They work.) must be added to the main verb if the subject is third person singular (he, she, it, John, the car). When the main verb links the subject to an adjective, we use am, are, or is, depending on the subject.

I like music. / He likes music.

I am happy. / You are happy. / She is happy.

The car is blue. / The cars are blue.

When making negative sentences use doesn’t / don’t, or in the case of the be-verb use isn’t / aren’t.

When making questions use do / does, or in the case of the be-verb use is / are. (An exception being most ‘who’ questions).

She is tired. They are worried.

He doesn’t like apples. I don’t play the piano.

He is happy. The earth isn’t flat.

When does he wake up?

Does she exercise every day?

Is the restaurant near here?

Who lives next door to you?

We use the simple present to:

Talk about something that is true in the present.

I am an accountant.

Talk about things that are always true.

The earth orbits the sun.

Talk about repeated actions or habits.

He brushes his teeth every day.

Talk about events in the near future that have a fixed time.

The movie starts at nine.

Adverbs of frequency are often used with the present tense to explain how often a repeated action or habit happens.

She sometimes plays basketball.

Simple present questions

  1. What do you do to get rid of stress?
  2. What do you eat or drink when it is really hot outside?
  3. What TV shows do you watch regularly?
  4. Where do you usually eat lunch?
  5. What do you do if you are bored?
  6. Who do you hang out with most?
  7. What app do you use the most?
  8. When do you usually wake up?
  9. Who do you talk to when you have problems?
  10. Do you prefer meat or fresh vegetables?
  11. When you’re on vacation, do you relax or try to do many things?
  12. What do you do if you need to learn about something?
  13. Do you like to try new things? Why or why not?
  14. What are some hobbies you have?
  15. When do you buy a new phone? (i.e. when a new phone comes out, your phone breaks, etc.)
  16. What do you do to help yourself fall asleep?
  17. Do you dance when no one is watching? When do you dance?