1. Alice is standing next to the table.
  2. She has straight blond hair and glasses.
  3. She is wearing white shirt, blue skirt, and purple shoes.
  4. She is holding a cake.
Nicksitting at the tableshort brown hair, glassesyellow birthday cap, red t-shirt, green pants, blue shoesdrinking juice
Marksitting at the tableshort black curly hair, brown skinblue birthday cap, yellow t-shirt, green pants, brown shoeseating a hamburger
Gracesitting at the tableshort straight blond hair red birthday cap, red shirt, blue t-shirt, purple shoestalking and smiling
Alicestanding next to the tableshort straight blond hair, glasseswhite shirt, blue skirt, purple shoesholding a birthday cake
Evastanding next to the tabledark long straight hairpink shirt, blue jeans, violet shoestaking a picture
Hugositting in the chairdark short hairwhite shirt, black pants, blue shoessleeping
Mattstanding next to the walldark short hair, glassesblue t-shirt, dark-blue pantsusing the phone