Success and Failure

  1. Describe a successful person.
  2. Is your idea of success the same as your parents’ idea of success?
  3. Do you think people focus too much on appearing to be successful?
  4. Why is money the most common way of judging success?
  5. How much pressure do your parents put on you to be successful?
  6. How much pressure will you put on your children to be successful?
  7. Have there been any failures that made your life better?
  8. Is there a right time to give up and stop trying or should you never give up?
  9. Can you think of any famous people who failed spectacularly at something?
  10. Talk about a time you failed at something you tried. Don’t talk about anything that will make you uncomfortable or embarrassed.
  11. Can you think of any famous quotes or idioms about success or failure?