1. Is it customary to tip in your country? If so, when should people tip? If not, should people start tipping?
  2. Does tipping actually improve the service you get?
  3. What is a reasonable amount to tip a waiter? How about a taxi driver?
  4. In which countries is it customary to tip? How about countries where it isn’t customary?
  5. Do you like tipping or dislike tipping? Why?
  6. Talk about a time you felt like you had to tip someone when you didn’t want to.
  7. Who deserves a tip but doesn’t get one?
  8. How do you think tipping started?
  9. When you travel to a country, do you follow the local customs or your country’s customs when you decide whether to tip or not?
  10. Who do you wish you didn’t have to tip? Why?