10. Kitten’s Snacks


  • What is the girl eating?
  • What do you eat on a hot day?

Kitten’s Snacks

Picture Talk: 
What does the kitten have?
What does she want to eat?

Kitten’s Snacks

Kitten wants a snack.
Kitten sees a frog eating a worm.
Kitten eats a worm.
She doesn’t like it!
She sees a bee on a plant.
The plant has flowers.
Kitten eats one. She feels sick.
Kitten sees a girl.
She is eating an ice cream cone.
Of course, ice cream is a good snack!

Practice it

Write each word in the right box.

  • spaghetti
  • ice cream
  • tomato cookies
  • leaf juice
  • fish cake
  • potato pizza
  • pineapple sandwich



Listen for it

What does she talk about? Circle it.

  • 1. a worm / a girl
  • 2. a bee / a plant
  • 3. a kitten / a cone
  • 4. yummy / yucky

Write the words that match the picture.

1. He plays with _______________ in the garden.

2. They are eating _______________ .

3. She gives water to the ______________.


  • ice cream cones
  • plant
  • a worm

Chant, Chant Chant!

I am hungry.
Can I have a yummy snack?
I am hungry.
Can I have a yummy snack?
I don’t want worms.
I don’t want flowers.
I am hungry.
Can I have a yummy snack?