4. Lots of Balls


  • What kinds of balls do you see?
  • What sport do you like to play?

Lots of Balls

The sports store has lots of balls.
It has big orange balls.
They are basketballs.
It has black and white balls.
They are soccer balls.
It has little yellow balls.
They are tennis balls.
Which sport do you like?
The sports store has the right ball for it!

Do It

Look at the reading. Which balls does the store have?

  1. A purple basketball
  2. A black and white soccer ball
  3. A yellow tennis ball
  4. An orange tennis ball
  5. A black and yellow soccer ball
  6. An orange basketball

Write the right words.

  1. He_________ playing_______________
  2. They________ playing_______________
  3. She________ playing_______________

Listen for it

Listen and write the right word.

  1. She likes to play_________________ .
  2. He is playing  ________________  .
  3. She likes to play_________________ .
  4. He is playing ______________   .

Write the words that match the picture.

  1. He has ____________ .
  2. They are playing with_____________ .
  3. She can hit __________ .


  • the tennis ball
  • a basketball
  • a soccer ball