5. The Painting


  • What does she have?
  • What can you paint?

The Painting

  • Who is painting?
  • What is the picture?

I will paint a picture.
I will use red, blue, and yellow paint.
I shake each jar of paint.
Then I open them. Oh, no!
The blue jar of paint falls.
My cat walks through the paint. Yucky!
Then the cat walks across my paper. Wow!
My cat paints well.

Listen for it

Listen and write the right word.

  1. There is _______________ in the jar.
  2. I will ________________ red paint.
  3. There is a ______________ in the picture.
  4. I will use______________ paint.

Write the words that match the picture.

  1. The house has a __________ .
  2. A ________ is on the flower.
  3. The ___________ are pretty.


  • blue butterfly
  • red door
  • yellow flowers

Chant, Chant Chant!

I have red paint.
I have blue paint.
I have yellow paint.
What will I paint?
I will paint a flower.
A pretty, pretty flower.
I will paint a flower with my paint.