Speaking Starter

Speaking 1

Lesson 1. My name is Ben.

내 이름은 벤이야.

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Lesson 2. Who is he?

그녀는 누구니?

Speaking Practice

Lesson 3. Where is the monkey?

원숭이는 어디에 있습니까?

Speaking Practice

Lesson 5. Where are you?

너는 어디에 있니?


Practice A. I am in the bakery

Practice B. I am not in the school

Practice C. Are you in the hospital?

Lesson 8. Where is the Tiger?

호랑이는 어디있니?


Practice A. The bird is in the tree

Practice B. The zebra is next to the elephant

Lesson 9. What do you do?

너는 무엇을 하니?


Practice A. I run

Practice B. I do not fly

Practice C. Do you stop?

Lesson 4. What does the Mother do?

어머니는 무엇을 하시니?


Practice B. My father does not open

Practice C. Does the woman stand?

Lesson 6. Does the grandmother clean in the living room?

할머니는 거실에서 청소를 하십니까?


Practice A. Where is the baby?

Lesson 9. Things at Home

집에 있는 물건들

Practice A. What color is the ball?

Practice B. Where is the yellow lamp?

Lesson 13. What can I do?

내가 무엇을 할수 있나요?


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